If you make me an offer, how soon do I have to decide if I want to accept it?

The offer technically does not expire, but we may have to rerun our numbers if too much time has passed due to market conditions.

How do I get a price quote on my Angelino Heights property?

Fill out the form below, call at (855) 236-0301, or email tlc@goya.gg.

Where do you buy houses?

We actively purchase homes in most major metropolitan areas. If you have a rural or vacation property that you want to sell we’d like to look at it too!

How does the process work?

Our home buying process consists of six simple steps:

  • Contact: Complete the online form below or call us directly at (855) 236-0301.
  • Phone Call: During the initial phone call we will collect your property details and learn more about your unique situation and closing requirements.
  • Callback: After performing a thorough market analysis and including anticipated repairs based on your disclosures, we will provide you with a realistic estimate on the value range of your home.
  • On Location Meeting/Proposal: If the initial value range is acceptable to you, we will schedule an on-location inspection of your home and provide you with a firm offer at that time. There is no obligation to accept our offer.
  • Review of Offer: At this point, the ball is in your court. You decide what is in your best interest. We encourage you to take as much time as you need to decide on our offer. We understand this is a significant, possibly life changing experience, and it is your decision to make on your timeline.
  • Acceptance of Offer: If you agree to our offer, we’ll arrange a cash transaction and open up escrow & title to complete the purchase based on your time requirements. There are no hidden fees or costs involved. We pay all closing costs. What we offer you is what you get after paying off any existing liens, and nothing less.

Do you charge a fee to evaluate my property's condition?

No, it is absolutely FREE selling your Angelino Heights property to The Goya Group.

Do you buy homes in foreclosure?

Yes, again if you are behind in payments or in foreclosure The Goya Group can still help!

How do you establish the price?

We establish the price based off of the current market conditions, the neighborhood comps, as well as the current condition of the home.

Do you by condos or townhomes in Angelino Heights?

Yes, we buy condos.

Can I sell my home to you even if I am behind on payments?

Yes! If you are behind on payments we can still help!

Why should I use your service versus using a Realtor?

When choosing us to sell your home, you will have a quick and easy sale. You don’t have to worry about finding a Realtor that you can trust and who will price your home appropriately. There is no hassle of strangers walking through your home for a tour or open houses. It is a quiet sell so you do not have to worry about nosey neighbors. No negotiating for repairs, We are a company that will buy your home in As-Is condition! You also won’t have to worry if the buyer will actually close.

How long does it take to sell my property through your service?

It is up to you. We can typically close within 10-14 days or longer if desired.

I have already listed my home with a Realtor, can I still work with you?

Yes, although the seller is responsible for any commission owed to the Realtor. Any formal offer will need to be submitted through your current realtor as long as you are in contract.

Do you buy manufactured or mobile homes?

Yes, but you must own the land as well.

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