Our Mission

We buy homes as-is so owners have no additional cost, repairs, work or worry, improving communities one house at a time.

About The Goya Group

The Goya Group is a small town neighborhood house buyer. There is nothing we enjoy more than buying a property, giving it some love, and then finding someone who is looking for their forever home to sell it to. If you own a property that you want or need to sell we will buy it.

We can buy as fast as you need or as slow as you want. It doesn’t matter what the situation is, we know how to handle it. Uncooperative tenants? Yep. Too many repairs? Try us. Behind on your mortgage? We have options that might be able to get you current!

We buy properties from people like you – people who want to sell their properties fast for the best possible value.

Since 1997, the The Goya Group management team has purchased more than 10,000 properties from homeowners through the various companies that they have owned and operated. Today, we work with hundreds of individuals every month to take the time, stress, and frustrations out of a traditional home sale. If you are ready to sell your property fast, contact us today.

Call us toll free today to discuss how we can help you (855) 236-0301

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